2019 JN Packet/Payment

2019 New England JN Packet & Payment Information

UPDATED 2019.New.England.Junior.National.Team.Packet (includes all important information about the 2019 JN Trip to Anchorage Alaska)  *Please open this JN Team Packet and read in full – has EVERYTHING you need to know about this trip from logistics, JN staff contact info, payment info, including where to send payment, to packing lists to ski prep, etc.etc.

( Packet updated 2/22/19)

All JN Athletes/Families ~ Please complete ALL of the following below.  You must complete all of these in order to be on the roster, and if you delay, the next in line will be asked – so completely fill out all of the links below ASAP, and no later than Wednesday 2/27 at 5pm.  Thank you!

  1. Log onto your NENSA Membership Profile HERE:  THEN, Review and Update ALL data fieldsALL data must be correct and current.  As you scroll down your profile page, Complete All Fields Below: “JN Team Members Must Complete All fields below…”  ** Completing ALL fields within your NENSA Online Membership profile replaces ALL paper forms and google docs from years past.  It is especially important to be sure we have correct athlete and parent emails, food and drug allergies and your roommate preferences.  Read and sign all waivers within your profile.
  2. Click HERE to Pay JN Team Payment Fee –  Online using Credit Card (you can pay be check, info. in the JN Packet).  Please email [email protected] if you make the on-line payment, with the name of your athlete so I can keep a record as there is no place on the PayPal form for who the is payment for, and not all athlete’s and parents share the same last names – thank you!  Cost for 2019 trip is $2135 by check, and $2199 by credit card.  This includes everything, except airfare and uniform.
  3. Click HERE to complete your airline TRAVEL info ~ Airline, flight #’s, arrival and departure times etc.
  4. Click HERE to order your NE JN Team SWIX Uniforms:
    The store access code is: Swix  
    All items have a 5% service fee that is part of the webshop companies bill that goes to the webshop company not Swix.
    The shipping is a flat rate of $7.99 per order.  All orders will be shipped directly to Amie in Alaska for distribution when you arrive.  The Swix uniform store CLOSES at 5pm on Thursday 2/28 in order to be able to get the shipment to AK in time for JN’s.  Please order early!!

FYI Coaches Flights to Anchorage:

First Last Depart Depart Airline Flight 1 Depart 1
Colin Rodgers 3/6/19 BTV UA 3775 1:00:00 PM
matt boobar 3/7/19 ALB UA 4916 9:30:00 PM
Sara Falconer 3/7/19 BTV DL 5056 5:44:00 AM
Adam Terko 3/7/19 BTV DL 5056 5:44:00 AM
Amie Smith 3/8/19 BOS DL 1963 6:45:00 AM
Morgan Wilkinson 3/8/19 BOS ASA 737 7:05:00 AM
Savannah Sessions 3/8/19 BOS ASA 737 7:05:00 AM
Hilary McNamee 3/8/19 BOS ASA 15 6:55:00 PM
Joe Holland 3/8/19 BOS ASA 737 7:05:00 AM
Anna Schulz 3/8/19 BOS ASA 33 4:05:00 PM
Justin Beckwith 3/8/19 BTV UA 4881 12:45:00 PM
Jackson Bloch 3/9/19 BTV DL 5098 5:44:00 AM

FYI Coaches flights home:

Home from AK: Depart Date Depart Depart AL Return #
Ollie Burruss 3/16/19 9:39:00 PM DL 2597
Joe Holland 3/17/19 12:10:00 AM ASA 108
Anna Schulz 3/17/19 12:10:00 AM ASA 108
Savannah Sessions 3/17/19 6:00:00 AM ASA 88
Hilary McNamee 3/17/19 2:55:00 PM ASA 34
Adam Terko 3/17/19 3:40:00 PM DL 1901
Jackson Bloch 3/17/19 3:40:00 PM DL 1901
Amie Smith 3/17/19 9:40:00 PM DL 2597
Colin Rodgers 3/17/19 11:45:00 PM UA 1104
matt boobar 3/17/19 11:45:00 PM UA 1104
Justin Beckwith 3/17/19 11:45:00 PM UA 1104
Morgan Wilkinson 3/23/19 3:40:00 PM DL 1901
Sara Falconer 3/26/19 3:40:00 PM DL 1901

Questions?  Email [email protected] or [email protected]

For families looking for a hotel to stay while in Anchorage, the Lakefront does have some availability.  Just call their reservation dept. at (907) 243-2300 and they will be happy to assist you.   They are happy to offer a room (most likely will be a king room) at their best available rate.