Elite Team

The NENSA Elite Team exists as a program to support and facilitate the appropriate development of top athletes toward the goal of international excellence. In addition to recognition for accomplishments, this program provides incentives for athletes to seek high levels of competition, and to encourage athletes to think in terms of long-range development. In order to gain access to the Elite Team an athlete must achieve a certain level of success at national level competition.

Qualifying criteria to be considered for the Team:

A pool of athletes will be identified based on results in national level competition, comprising individuals who meet the following criteria.  From this pool of athletes the team will be named, as outlined below under “Team Selection.” Note: additional athletes may be added by ADC nomination.

  • Eastern athletes in the top 15 OVERALL on the final US Ski & Snowboard ranking list
  • Top 3 in age group (U18/U20/U23/Senior) on the final US Ski & Snowboard ranking list
  • World Junior/U23 Jr/ U18 trip qualifiers (Alternates who compete potential discretion)
  • Top 5 on Final combined EISA ranking list
  • In addition, a skier with Elite Team status from the previous year may be eligible for discretionary addition to the Elite or Development teams.
  • Out of Region/ Foreign Athletes will not be named to the NENSA Elite or Development Teams, and they do displace US skiers.

NENSA Elite Team Requirements:

  • Must be active NENSA members to receive benefits,
  • To accept spot on team selected juniors must agree to attend a Elite Group Summer Camp – Eastern REG, or NTG, or NEG camps.
  • Must agree to represent New England at national competitions, in addition to their home club. (Junior Nationals, Sr. Nationals, etc.).  Must have Eastern designation on USSA License.
  • Must plan to continue to meet training goals.

Team Benefits:

  • Athletes on this list are eligible to receive free entry to NENSA Eastern Cup Series events.
  • SKIDA Team Headband
Competitive Program Director,  Justin Beckwith and the Athletic Development Committee (ADC) oversee this program.  Questions?  Contact [email protected]