Eastern Cup Event Bidding

2019-2020 | NENSA Eastern Cup Event Bidding

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The Eastern Cup Series is the premier race series for skiers of all ages in New England, and also some of the best and most competitive regional racing in the country.  These races encompass top-level senior and masters racing alongside junior skiers attempting to qualify for Junior Nationals.  A typical Eastern Cup draws 300 – 500 skiers and is truly a two-day festival of ski racing.

Eastern Cup Site Expectations:

  • It is expected that an Eastern Cup race site is well versed in the science and art of hosting large races.  Sites are expected to work with the NENSA Event Organizers Handbook as a guide and with NENSA staff as consultants to create a professionally managed event from registration to PA system to awards and result production.  Previous exposure to an Eastern Cup event is highly encouraged.
  • Mandatory for major event sites and encouraged for all event hosts: At least one representative (Chief of Competition) must attend the annual NENSA Event Organizer Seminar in the fall. The seminar offers a platform for the sharing of best practices and attendance ensures consistent understanding of the elements required and quality expected at a major event.  Seminar date and location will be announced on the NENSA website and listed in the calendar (early December). Please check back there frequently, mark your calendar and have a representative prepared to attend.  There is no charge for this seminar.

Eastern Cup Fees/Organizer’s responsibilities:

  • $40 is considered the standard entry fee for an Eastern Cup event.
  • NENSA Head Tax: $16 per participant per race. This fee acknowledges the fact that NENSA is creating a large race field for this event and providing significant pre-race, on-site, and post-race support of the event.
  • The organizer is responsible for TD fee of $100 per day, mileage, room & board (TDA if applicable)
  • Split $500 USSA sanctioning fee for an EC weekend with NENSA ($250 due after event held)
  • Split USSA weekend $600 head tax with NENSA ($300 due after event held)
  • Contract, and pay Timer mutually agreed upon fee, including room & board
  • NENSA Elite Team athletes pay no fees at EC races and are not included in the totals (for payments) There are usually just a handful of Elite Team racers at each weekend.

NENSA’s Commitment to Eastern Cup Events:

  • NENSA is committed to promoting every Eastern Cup event as part of the premier ski racing series in New England. NENSA provides significant pre-event consultation, pre-event media support, on-site presence, and post-race media support to promote every Eastern Cup event and host site.  NENSA also scores EasternCup races for Junior National Qualifying points, ensuring a large and competitive junior field.  Specifically, NENSA provides:
  • Pre-Season Event Organizers Workshop (site attendance is mandatory, there is no cost to attend)
  • Pre-event consultation and on-going support, with Justin Beckwith (Competitive Program Director), by phone and email, starting in the summer after your bid is accepted, and running right through the event.
  • Pre-event TD consultation by phone and email — site visits as needed
  • Pre-event press release, posted via NENSA website and social media outlets, shared with host, and sent to NENSA media list
  • Post-event press release and results posted via NENSA website and social media outlets, shared with host and sent to NENSA media list
  • Event listing under NENSA.net homepage Major Events Calendar as part of the Eastern Cup Series
  • Detailed event information offered at NENSA.net via Online Virtual Team Captains Meeting (VTCM)
  • Detailed event listing on the NENSA Calendar and in NENSA promotional materials,
  • Spandex race bibs, coach and TD/staff bibs.
  • Online registration through skireg.com
  • Liaison with USSA for NRL sanctioned events
  • NENSA Event Organizer Manual

To Bid:


Sites may also bid for:

  • USSA XC National Ski Championships (Short-distance nationals), which traditionally take place the first week in January. This has been a two-year bid in the past and is selected by USSA.
  • US Long Distance Nationals & SuperTour Finals, which take place the last week in March/first week in April.  This event is selected by USSA.
  • USSA SuperTour races.  Schedule and available dates vary each season. Eastern events are selected by USSA and calendared by USSA/NENSA.

Interested sites should contact Justin Beckwith for a copy of the bid criteria, or contact USSA.