Zak Cup Points

Scoring Rules:

NENSA Membership is REQUIRED to be scored and ranked for Zak Cup Scoring.

Masters age categories are as follows:
M1 ages 30-34, M2 ages 35-39, M3 ages 40-44, M4 ages 45-49, M5 ages 50-54, M6 ages 55-59, M7 ages 60-64, M8 ages 65-69, M9 ages 70-74, M10 75-79, M11 80-84, M12 85-89, M13 90-94, M14 95-99

Race age is as of December 31

– M1 – M8 classes: Best 5 finishes with a minimum of 3 finishes needed
– M9+ classes:  Best 4 minimum of 2
– M1 – M6 classes: Best  5 minimum of 3
– M7+classes: Best 4 minimum of 2

Rules Interpretation:

Racers need to meet the minimum number of completed races listed within their age class in order to be scored. ‘Best’ refers to the number of best finishes that are scored from within a racers current Zak series profile. (For example, if you are in age Class M1- M6, and you raced 6 Zak races your best 5 finishes would be scored.)
Note: to award an age class, at least one participant within that age group must have met the requirement for minimum number of races.

Zak Cup Points

  • Scoring of Zak Cup points, both overall and within NENSA age classes, follows a modified World Cup system with points to the top 15 as follows: 25, 20,15,12,11,10, 9, 8, 7, 6,5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 for 16th and higher. Scoring for this season will not use displacement and will score races as if the NENSA members were the only racers in the race.
  • Only current NENSA members at the time of the race will be scored. There will not be any retroactive scoring for racers joining mid-season.
  • If at the end of the season there is a tie for first in an age class the tie is broken first by overall Zak Cup points; if the tie remains then it is broken by head to head competition. If a tie still remains then multiple first place awards will be given.
  • Overall points will be awarded for up to 5 scored races for all age groups.
  • Craftsbury Marathon will be scored for overall Zak in both, age appropriate distances. Ie. if an older skier did the longer race and they are in the points- they score. Younger skiers do not score in the shorter distances.
  • Final point total is based on the “best-of” criteria described above.
  • Protests for individual race scoring may be filed within 10 days of official race score posting on the NENSA website and within 14 days of final series scoring. Protests should be sent to Competitive Program Director, Justin Beckwith.

Club Cup Points and Scoring

  • Any current NENSA Club member who designates their club during registration will score Club points (NENSA membership not required to score points).
  • All skiers in a club – U16 and older are scored in their respective age class with 1st place being 10pts, 2nd 9pts, 3rd 8pts, then 7-6-5-4-3-2-1-1-1-1-1-1… Scoring will use displacement.
  • Club affiliation at the time of the race will be used and there will not be any retroactive changes to scoring for club changes done mid-season.  Scored points are not changed retroactively, a skier scores points for the club for which they are currently racing.
  • At dual distance events, where there is an option for a single gender to race multiple distances (i.e. women could race a 25K or a 50K marathon), both distances are scored for the Club Cup, but only one (per gender) is scored for the Zak Cup.