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Bogburn – Virtual Edition

January 3 - January 9

Virtual Bogburn Race Instructions (Version3)

All racers must be registered on skireg https://www.skireg.com/the-bogburn-classic. Registration will open December 21st. Racers will race at their own location and can compete in as many of the following categories as they wish with a single entry. The categories are:

  • Kms skied
  • Vertical skied
  • Time skied
  • Best time skied at measured distance (racers enter their best time for their age group category)
  • Kms skied by club (Results divided into BKL and non BKL categories). Totals will be calculated by aggregating individual results by club and do not need to be entered separately.

Prizes, Zak Cup points and club points will only be awarded in the best time category. All points will only be calculated for NENSA members. All other categories will win bragging rights and will be published on the Bogburn Facebook page.

Racers will register using skireg and then log back into skireg after skiing to record their results. We will rely on the honor system for the accuracy of the results although there is a pledge question where racers or for BKL racers, either a parent or a coach, vouch for the accuracy of the results.

We encourage BKL and adult clubs to consider holding a Bogburn day where their club members ski the appropriate distances. For club events the results may be sent to me ([email protected]) in a single e-mail rather than making the racers enter their own data. Racers still do have to register in skireg as I will only count registered racers. See the notes below for what should be included in the results e-mail.

All categories may race starting January 3rd through January 9th. Results are entered on Skireg with totals for each of the 7 days with the exception of “best time” which is entered once. Race results may be entered until January 10th and may be entered for the entire week in one sitting (although totals are entered for each day you skied you do not have to enter on the day they were skied). Skiing multiple days is optional and many racers may elect to only race a single day. 

Entry fees and categories are listed below. Note that NENSA and non-NENSA racers will be combined into a single category for the results with non-NENSA racers being excluded from Zak or Club point scoring.

  • NENSA Men and Women 13 km $10
  • Non-NENSA Men and Women 13 km $15
  • U16 Men and Women 7 km $10
  • Non-NENSA U16 Men and Women 7 km $15
  • NENSA Grades 1-4 2 km $0
  • Non-NENSA Grades 1-4 2 km $5
  • NENSA Grades 5-6 3 km $0
  • Non-NENSA Grades 5-6 3 km $5
  • NENSA Grades 7-8 4 km $0
  • Non-NENSA Grades 7-8 4 km $5

Also note that NENSA BKL racers do not have any entry fee but they must register with Skireg (Skireg permits races with no entry fee).

Any questions or problems may be directed to Bob Haydock ([email protected]). Since this is the first time we have used this format we request patience and anyone who takes this too seriously will be disqualified.


  1. Remember, you can enter as many categories as you want. You can also enter just a single category. Leave the questions blank or enter 0 for the questions that do not apply to your category.
  2. To keep things simple, we are not supporting a Strava interface for results. All data must be entered manually.
  3. Currently, the custom questions ask for distance in miles. We are working with Skireg on getting an option to enter in kilometers. You should use a 1.61 conversion if you convert miles to kilometers or .62 conversion if you are converting kilometers to miles. Please pay attention to the wording describing what to enter for distance and use the appropriate units. Dealing and converting the units of measure is part of the reason we will not be supporting Strava.
  4. Elevation gain must be entered in feet (3.28 feet/meter).
  5. Distance measurement can be done using a mobile phone app, an apple watch (I have found that Apple watch measurements are often short – the actual distance is longer), a Garmin device, a snowmobile odometer, or an accurate trail map. Do the best you can. We are not attempting to mimic the elevation change so this is obviously not a perfect measure of course difficulty.
  6. You must use classical technique. No skating.
  7. You may ski the distance multiple times and enter your best time as long as the racing is done within the time period allowed (January 3-9).
  8. BKL and club coaches can sign up all their racers in Skireg and enter their results via e-mail to me ([email protected]) to save the time. Only the results for registered skiers will be counted. Registration must be done in Skireg, only the results can use e-mail. Please enter the name, gender, club, age group class, NENSA# if they have one, and the results. Please label the results clearly so I know what you are measuring. If you are holding a Bogburn day, make sure to include the distance raced as well as the time. I will include all racers in the best time results and kms skied by club.
  9. BKL coaches with more than 10 skiers can request place ribbons for their racers and I will send the ribbons in a single envelope addressed to the coach.
  10. BKL coaches should note that NENSA members can register for free, while non NENSA members must pay $5. Encourage your BKLI skiers to join NENSA.
  11. I will send a Bogburn hat to the winner for each gender and age group up through U16. I will also send a hat to the overall gender winners for the adult race. 
  12. Masters awards are tentatively planned to be one hat for each gender for best results over 40 years of age. If we get a large turnout (we do not expect a large turnout) we may add prizes.
  13. If the results appear to have issues, we will have a protest period. TBD.


January 3
January 9
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