EC Weekend #2 – Virtual Team Captains Page

Friday January 24 – Classic Sprint – (SuperTour only)
Saturday January 25 – Free Interval (5km U16 & Women / 10km Men and Citizen)
Sunday January 26 – Classic Mass Start (5km U16 / 10km Women / 15km Men)

Diagonal Technique Zones:  On Friday and Saturday there will be marked diagonal zones on the course as per FIS guidelines. “The jury is, in all competitions in classical technique, enforcing the use of diagonal technique on marked sections of the course. Diagonal technique means the use of alternating diagonal movements of both arms and legs and includes diagonal stride and herringbone techniques. In diagonal technique only one pole is in the ground at any time.”

83% Classic Pole Rule:  Classic poles have to be no more then 83% of your height, wearing your ski boots. Pole height is measured from the tip of your pole to the top of your pole strap.  There will not be a measuring station at the start – it is each athlete’s responsibility their poles correct length.  TD’s have the right to measure and questionable length poles at the finish.