Calendar Listing Fee

To list an event on our NENSA calendar the fees are as follows:

1. The Calendar Listing Fee is $25 per event (free for registered NENSA clubs).
2. Events listed on the NENSA Calendar are subject to a NENSA Head Tax per participant per the following schedule:

– Event registration $10 or less = no Head Tax
– Event registration over $10 = $2 Head Tax

Fee Exemptions

– Registered NENSA Clubs can list all their events free of charge.  Head Tax schedule still applies.
– Bill Koch Athletes will not be Head Taxed. Calendar fee rules apply.
– Events with registration at or below $10 are exempt from paying Head Tax. Calendar fee rules apply.
– Off-season events, May 1 through October 31, are exempt from the Head Tax schedule. Calendar fee rules apply.

Please contact us to provide payment and list your event today.