2019 Club Challenge

The 2019 NENSA Club Challenge

This year we had over 900 racers skiing for their clubs throughout the season. The top twenty teams had more than ten racers, with the top team having nearly two hundred. The 2019 NENSA Club Challenge is to see which club will come out on top. The goal is to help us continue our programs year round, and for you to win.
The Challenge is for each Club to donate $1 for each of your Members.  Any contribution will be greatly appreciated of course, but if you can give $1 for each one of your club members, to keep the NENSA programing we do for you and your club members running, that would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you!
 The winning club will receive an exclusive club/team feature, with club photo, in a May 2019 issue of our KickZone eNewsletter.
Who will be the Winning Club? 
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