Eastern Cup Primer for 2019 – Are you ready?

We are nearly two months away from the beginning of the NENSA Eastern Cup Series.  The first races of the season will be held at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center on the weekend of December 22-23.  You can learn more about the Eastern Cup schedule here — and please read our updated EC Primer below for important information regarding race details, seeding, scoring and Junior National Qualification.

Registration for all Eastern Cup races will open November 1st on SkiReg.com — before you register make sure your NENSA and US Ski and Snowboard memberships are current and you update your team/club affiliations in your NENSA profile.

We look forward to an awesome winter and seeing you on the trails soon!!

  1. All Eastern Cup race registrations will be done on SkiReg.com, and registration will open on November 1st
  2. All racers must have valid NENSA and US Ski & Snowboard membership to race – please note a $10 daily NENSA membership is available.
  3. To renew or get your NENSA membership, go to NENSA.net
  4. To renew or get your US Ski and Snowboard membership, go to USSA.org
  5. Regarding US Ski & Snowboard memberships:  All EC racers will be listed in the overall race results, regardless of your membership levels ($15 general membership or $95 competitor membership).  But, if you want to be listed on the US Ski & Snowboard NRL (National Ranking List), and be ranked for New England Junior National team qualification (best of 3 for U16, or best of 4 for U18/U20)  you MUST buy the US Ski & Snowboard competitors membership.  So, if you have any thoughts, plans, dreams or desires to try to make the JN team, buy the competitors membership now.
  6. You can upgrade to a US Ski & Snowboard competitors license later in the season, (points may not retroactively apply to previous races).  If you want to be listed on the NRL and ranked for JNQ – buy the competitor license, not the general membership before the start of the race season.
  7. Buy both your NENSA & US Ski and Snowboard memberships early.  Do not wait until the day you register on SkiReg.com.  Your correct data needs to be in our systems (NENSA & US Ski and Snowboard) at least a few days before you register on SkiReg.
  8. Each Eastern Cup race Virtual Team Captain’s Meeting (VTCM) will be hosted on NENSA.net.  Please check our website VTCM race information page for frequent updates, especially as the race weekend approaches.  This page will provide you with venue updates, times changes, important racer and coach information.
  9. Registration will close at 5pm on the Wednesday before each Eastern Cup weekend.
  10. Seed lists will be posted on Thursday (using points from the most current lists).
  11. Start lists will be posted by 8pm on Friday for Saturday and Sunday races.
  12. Eastern Cup race results link will be provided from the Timer and a link will be posted on NENSA.net.  All racers who competed in the Eastern Cup race will be listed in this results link.
  13. Each Eastern Cup race will be scored by US Ski and Snowboard, and updated to the NRL.
  14. NRL and FIS listing dates can be found on page 16 of the 18 Nordic Competition Guide. 
  15. SEEDING:  All racers will be seeded by their best of either, US Ski and Snowboard or FIS points.  If you do not yet have current US Ski and Snowboard point profile (bought a competitor’s license but have not raced a race yet to be listed on the current US Ski and Snowboard list in use), or, if you are a general member, you will be listed as 990 and seeded randomly behind the seeded group.  Once you have a US Ski and Snowboard point profile, you will be seeded according to that number.  If you are just a general member, you will always be seeded as a 990 behind the seeded group.
  16. For U18/U20 JN qualifying, NENSA will rank Best of 4 EC and/or OOR races, and this will be posted on NENSA.net for current NENSA & US Ski and Snowboard competitor members.  Races will be posted for ranking once they are officially scored by US Ski and Snowboard.  Racers without a competitive US Ski and Snowboard license will NOT be included in the rankings.
  17. Sprint Scoring: The heat results of the two EC sprint races will be scored. NENSA will re-score the final heat results with US Ski and Snowboard distance points. This change was adopted by the ADC effective October 2017 to seek parity in points between sprint and distance races.
  18. For U16 JN qualifying, NENSA will score the Best of 3 EC races, and no OOR races.  This will be done using US Ski and Snowboard Super Tour Scoring (see below).  NENSA shall use the following tie-breaking mechanisms in order (selection races are the 8 U16 races at NENSA Eastern Cups; for sprints, the final results for the top 12 come from the heats/finals, and from the qualifying for places 13 and higher):
    ~Best single finish in a selection race
    ~Second best single finish in a selection race
    ~Third best single finish in a selection race
    ~Fourth best single finish in a selection race

US Ski and Snowboard SuperTour Scoring:

The US Ski and Snowboard SuperTour scoring system awards points to the top 20 competitors in each event.
Place Points
1 30
2 25
3 21
4 18
5 16
6 15
7 14
8 13
9 12
10 11
11 10
12 9
13 8
14 7
15 6
16 5
17 4
18 3
19 2
20 1

Out-of-Region Races for 2018-19 Season (U18/U20’s only):

US National Championships – Craftsbury Outdoor Center – Craftsbury, VT

Thursday, January 3: Classic Individual Start 10km/15km
Friday, January 4:  Classic Sprint
Sunday, January 6:  Skate Mass Start 5km/10km
*Please note the Freestyle Sprint on January 8, will not be scored to the NENSA JNQ Ranking Lists.


US Nationals races will be scored to the NENSA JNQ Ranking Lists using U.S. Ski and Snowboard points for U18 & U20’s. An athlete must be a US Ski and Snowboard competitor member to compete at the US National Championships.

Further information about Race Rules.

Further information about Junior National Qualifying.

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